I Love You, I Hate You. What is wrong with us? – Couple Guide

I have written a short Ebook (attached) shares lessons drawn from my own experiences of working with couples in troubled marriages. This book aim to taught couple to focus on the emotions they were expressing in a way that they gave each other love instead of pouring salt on their wounds. Please feel free to utilize this Ebook as you need.

I love you, I hate you, What is wrong with us? (gift)

Please do drop in a google review form me, if you benefited from reading this ebook. So, others will be encouraged to read and draw some helpful tips. 


Reader testimony:

Reader A:  “I have read your book ‘i love you , i hate you’ , and your tips on speaker-listener technique has actually reminded me of what i am lacking. I still need to read it again and again for slowly get the meaning behind all my emotions. This book is an eye opening bcz my husband and i are just like the couple u described in the book.”


Reader B: Dear Ms.Foo, 
Your book was amazing! It really expresses all my thoughts when my parents have argument. They are exactly like Jon and San in your book. I was really impressed by your book and would really like for you to meet my parents. 


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