Check In with Self.

Dear reader, growth is practice being to kind ourselves in small, practical ways. Eg. Are you feeding yourself with good food? Do you do one nice thing a day for yourself?

Try to adopt the habit of checking in with yourself. Few times a day, and ask yourself how are you feeling and listen to your answer. Respond with kindness. If you have a tough day, give yourself a break or a treat later in the day.

Tried for 5-10 minutes a day, get into a comfortable and relaxing place and position. Imagine you’re facing a clone of yourself and start a conversation with him/her. Ask yourself:
1. How am I today?
2. What am I feeling at this very moment?
3. Why am I feeling this way?

Just being with yourself in that space will allow you to understand yourself a little better. Also, it’s alright to feel any kind of emotions at that time, it is, after all, you!

Remember to thank yourself for giving yourself time to hold this conversation!

(Inspired counselor: Faith Foo, 2020).

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