As I am writing this, our world has changed since the day we hear the word ‘COVID19’. Together we all experienced socially distancing. Some feel lonely, some feel trapped, and our lives become much tougher than it has already been. I believe many of us are very deeply stressed out.

Recalled the 1st MCO, I stayed at home from 18 March till the beginning of June. It was a way of living which I have experienced before. I played overlapping roles, as a counsellor, speaker, daughter, caretaker, friend, business owner all together as one. Under the same environment, same house, same room, same table, same chair for months. Carrying daily routine of office work, conducting online sessions with clients, writing notes, writing articles, FB lives interviews, pay bills, marketing etc.

What I experienced was hard. Being distance from friends, colleagues, family members and also deprivation from travelling being in my favourite café and restaurants and also the luxury to travel. But with all these challenges, I somehow also managed to find a new way of coping, being and living.

I spent more time looking into self, think out of the box to run my business, learned how to use social media more effectively. I became more creative and open. I noticed my pace of life was being slow down 10 times! I did things leisurely; I took time to enjoy the garden, learnt to cook and explore new recipes. I am more grounded and presence during these times.

Today, I believe many of you agree with me that we are all very deeply stressed up. Months of prolonged uncertainty, death, grief, revolution, dislocation, job loss, homeschooling, and loneliness would have been enough to make us stressed out. Learn to regulate our stress is vital.

I noticed when I kept my focus on complaining, blaming, get frustrated etc it does not change anything, in fact, I waste my energy doing that and left with no more strength to find a solution. I can’t change or control what is beyond me. I can only take charge of myself and manage my life. I need a lot of mental agility, more some during this time, to regulate and manage my stress levels in coming days, weeks and months to come.

There are ways we can learn to regulate our stress:

  1. Take a social media break. Stop reading post/news feeds that will cause you more fear, upset or feeling anxious.
  2. Stay Grounded. Take a deep breath, exhale slowly and tune in to where your body touches the ground. Acknowledge the solid, stable earth beneath you. Allow yourself to feel grounded.
  3. Exercise regularly.
  4. Do a walk and talk. Call up a friend or family members while you take your walk. It lets two people be in their own worlds and yet together. During these socially distanced times, this activity is good for our bodies and our relationship.
  5. Set Boundaries. Do not compromise your psychological or physical health and safety for people who will not respect your boundaries, especially now. Layout your rules and stick to them. You are allowed to say no to an unreasonable request.
  6. Focus on What You Can Change. When we recognize what we cannot control, we also recognize what we can. By focusing on what we can change, we can be uplifted by acts of self-care. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”


We all are in this together regardless of age, gender, or circumstances.

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