“Being authentic is that we wake up to who we are.” 

– The 3 S’Elves by Faith Foo


Coaching helps you get unstuck from potentially unhelpful behaviors, addressing limiting beliefs at your own pace, and trusting that as you become more attuned to yourself. You will learn to reflect on thoughts, opinions, feelings, and beliefs that will naturally help you move towards your growth.

I offer professional coaching for international ex-pat and local Malaysian clients who are leaders and executives in the high-level competitive and stressful working environment, aiming to reach their full potential and find fulfillment at work.

I only take on clients by invitation and referral, a limited number of private clients every year. If you are an entrepreneurial leader committed to making a breakthrough in your career today, do contact me today.

Merck Malaysia

My expert areas are:

  • Life coaching
  • Leadership/Executive coaching
  • Success coaching
  • Stress management coaching
  • Anxiety and fear coaching
  • Wellness coaching
  • Self-discovery coaching

My coaching focus on:

  1. Goal – Achieve the goal you set out for yourself, effectively and sustainably.
  2.  Self-Discovery – Discover yourself in new, unexpected ways—What motivates you? What gets in your way?
  3. Transform – Having a healthier, more positive mindset in all areas of your life.

Steps To Transformational Change

  1. Explore – Explore the core of your stuckness.
  2. Redefine – Rediscover what’s important to you.
  3. Solution – Find new solutions.
  4. Action – Take meaningful action.
  5. Transform – Consistency and confidence to sustain change.                              Integrated to who you are.

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