Mental Health Coaching

“Being authentic is that we wake up to who we are.” 

– The 3 S’Elves by Faith Foo

Mental health coaching is a new and upcoming area of coaching. Our world is moving and changing fast. Human relations are difficult and complicated. It is hard to work your way around in today’s world. The pressure to be strong and perfect all the time is overwhelming! Family strains, workplace tension, and personal issues are tough to handle. You feel that you’re constantly missing a piece of the puzzle.

A mental coach aims to help clients live more fulfilling lives. Mental health coaches motivate their clients, empowering them to make changes that will improve their daily lives. Help clients manage emotions, challenge negative thinking patterns, improve relationship skills, and reduce stress and anxiety. They work with you to elevate your mood, challenge self-limiting beliefs, and teach you about the importance of self-love and acceptance — all of which bolsters mental health.

Coaching can, and must, work along with counselling and therapy. Mental health is a wide topic and all forms of support systems are important. Having many forms of support systems during treatment provides better results.

Mental health coaching can be very empowering for people with mental health issues. But mental health issues are of a wide range. Some issues on the end of this range should be managed by a trained medical professional. Some issues must be referred to a therapist for timely intervention.

For my case, I am trained in both field 1st as counsellor/psychotherapist, 2nd as a coach. Mental health coaches supplement therapy.

Mental health is a complex topic. It includes mental illnesses like anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and depression. Note that formal diagnosis with anxiety or depression is not everything.

An example of depression. Only a psychiatrist can recommend medicines. But those living with depression need more than medicines. Their symptoms affect their daily lives. A coach or a counsellor/psychotherapist can help this person living with depression to live a better life. While they are receiving medical treatment, coaching can provide support during the process.

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We all deserve to thrive as human beings. Not only to survive or exist, but we must also thrive as well. Positive mental health is beneficial to everyone. Being guided towards achieving a whole new level of mental empowerment is the main key benefit of a mental coach.

When done right, clients can have higher productivity and creativity. They can get a more positive outlook in life. They can improve their relationship with their friends, families, and partners. Better relationship also open doors for many opportunities in life. This leads to a better and more fulfilled life.

A lack of emotional well-being keeps us from improving our lives. I know many people who want to improve their lives. But they are not sure how. Mental health coaching is the answer!

I only take on clients by invitation and referral, a limited number of private clients every year. If you are an entrepreneurial leader committed to making a breakthrough in your career today, do contact me today.

My expert areas are:

  • Life coaching
  • Leadership/Executive coaching
  • Success coaching
  • Stress management coaching
  • Anxiety and fear coaching
  • Wellness coaching
  • Self-discovery coaching

My coaching focus on:

  1. Goal – Achieve the goal you set out for yourself, effectively and sustainably.
  2.  Self-Discovery – Discover yourself in new, unexpected ways—What motivates you? What gets in your way?
  3. Transform – Having a healthier, more positive mindset in all areas of your life.

Steps To Transformational Change

  1. Explore – Explore the core of your stuckness.
  2. Redefine – Rediscover what’s important to you.
  3. Solution – Find new solutions.
  4. Action – Take meaningful action.
  5. Transform – Consistency and confidence to sustain change.                              Integrated to who you are.

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