How Did We Get So Busy?

  1. Do you want to free your time?
  2. Do you feel stressed, overworked?
  3. Do you feel like running on empty?
  4. Do you find yourself rushing from one activity to another?
  5. Your to-do list is getting longer?
  6. Have you been caught in the race to get all done with no time to enjoy what life has to offer?

If you answer yes, to all of the above, it is obvious that you need to look into self-care, make room for what will nourished your body, mind and spirit.

I’ve been there, and many of my clients too. Many of us know deep down we are too busy running around, chasing things to get done. But we are also too busy to figure out how to stop being so busy.Many of my clients stated that busyness become the way of life for them for years, and they are afraid to make a change. Afraid that their career will suffer, afraid to say “NO” to people request, and felt weighted down with all these requests.It wasn’t until I experienced burn out in my own career that I understand how out of balance my life was. Relaxation implies deliberate actions. All of this takes time, and we do have sufficient time in the day to do what you were born to do. The idea is recognizing what’s importantat this state of your journey.

My job as a counselor is to help my clients dig deep to make aware what crowd your schedule with stuffs you don’t really want or need to do. I will help you get honest with what you can actually accomplish in a day. And walk with you in this journey. Types of counseling services I provide.

I am not talking about time management, nor about getting organized. It is about YOU. It is about helping you get clear about what has driven you to overload your schedule and create the lifestyle that permits you to have sufficient space to be your best self and experience the finest in your relationships and reach your full potential in your personal life and work.

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How can I help you?

As a counselor, my role is to support, inspire, challenge and motivate my clients in a safe and confidential environment.


I can honestly say that Faith has helped me more than I ever thought possible. I came to her at the darkest point in my life and together we’ve healed so much of my previous trauma that I’m able to see a great future.

She is incredibly understanding, caring, & a true expert in her field.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have found her.

Michael Walia

I couldn’t thank Faith enough for being my counsellor and mentor. I met Faith many years ago when I experienced a challenging time in my life. That was one of the best decisions I made as before that, I was full of emotional baggage, as after my counseling journey with her for years. I am healing well and on the right path. The change I noticed is that I am able to empathize with people easily and deeply. I can build a genuine connection with people and able to be in touch with my authentic self and I have larn about self-compassion too.

I strongly recommend Faith as an effective and wise counselor that you can turn to whenever you face emotional challenges in life.

Rachel A

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