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As a counselor, my role is to support, inspire, challenge and motivate my clients in a safe and confidential environment.


I can honestly say that Faith has helped me more than I ever thought possible. I came to her at the darkest point in my life and together we’ve healed so much of my previous trauma that I’m able to see a great future.

She is incredibly understanding, caring, & a true expert in her field.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have found her.

Michael Walia

I couldn’t thank Faith enough for being my counsellor and mentor. I met Faith many years ago when I experienced a challenging time in my life. That was one of the best decisions I made as before that, I was full of emotional baggage, as after my counseling journey with her for years. I am healing well and on the right path. The change I noticed is that I am able to empathize with people easily and deeply. I can build a genuine connection with people and able to be in touch with my authentic self and I have larn about self-compassion too.

I strongly recommend Faith as an effective and wise counselor that you can turn to whenever you face emotional challenges in life.

Rachel A

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