Testimonials 1

I can honestly say that Faith has helped me more than I ever thought possible. I came to her at the darkest point in my life and together we’ve healed so much of my previous trauma that I’m able to see a great future.

She is incredibly understanding, caring, & a true expert in her field.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have found her.

Michael Walia

I couldn’t thank Faith enough for being my counsellor and mentor. I met Faith many years ago when I experienced a challenging time in my life. That was one of the best decisions I made as before that, I was full of emotional baggage, as after my counseling journey with her for years. I am healing well and on the right path. The change I noticed is that I am able to empathize with people easily and deeply. I can build a genuine connection with people and able to be in touch with my authentic self and I have larn about self-compassion too.

I strongly recommend Faith as an effective and wise counselor that you can turn to whenever you face emotional challenges in life.

Rachel A

I just feel very excited and I want to share with you. I did a personality test and notice my personality has changed before and after going into therapist with you. This is amazing as I have becoming more emphatic and able to facilitate people (probably due to my pain) and am more willing to bring out best in others. I am more truthful to myself and slowly accepting who I am and not trying to act like someone I am not.
And I don’t feel angry that much when people challenge me. I can even sense their struggle of why being so difficult. I am so happy with my progress and I am practicing self compassion often. I enjoy the new me even though I am not perfect yet.


Faith is a professional and patient counsellor with geneuine heart to help. Her knowledge of humans, emotions and down to earth understanding helps in much insights about myself. She has a way of listening and reaching out to you, yet giving you the space to discover and heal at your own pace. Highly recommended!

Zoe Tan

Wonderful experience and I’ve got to know myself better.. Thanks to Faith who has inspired me with encouragement advise. Without you, I think I wouldn’t be where I am now. Thanks so much !

Rachel Leong

The only regret I have is not to see a counselor earlier. Life changing experience indeed, thanks to Faith. 🙂

Xiwen Wendy

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